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Wind turbine disaster in Sweden - my thoughts
Lotta Nilson

The truth from people which live with wind turbines.
Many environmentally concerned people have a tendency to react very strangely to what I am about to say but no one can learn anything new with that attitude or start to believe a different truth than the one we are used to, even though it might be very wrong.

I was like most people positive to wind turbines when it happened to me. The only one I had seen was about 15 m high and I now realise that I did not know anything at that time of energy or wind turbine produced electricity. It is simply not the kind of things you think about on a regular day basis, at least not if you have a family, work and maybe a house. You simply do not think about these things. Diapers, dog food,  friends and dinner are much more frequent in your mind - and so it should be. 

No one should be forced to go through what we are going through. I wish no one the hell we are living in ! Do not let them fool you just to make money on your home and neighbourhood like they did to ours.

Wind turbines close to your home is nothing but torture. It is amazing how people in general - just passing them once in a while by car - claim to know so much about wind turbines. 

It all changes rapidly when they themselves are threatened by an exploration or finally despite protests become close neighbours. 

Protests do not often help - the democratic rules and ordinary laws do not apply to wind turbines.  Strange ! Then they, like we, find out the hard way that the noise is unbearable for human beings and that the shadows from the rotating blades in your home and garden drives you and your children mad. 
Just to look at the wind turbines rotating stresses you and finally you cannot stay in your own home. In Sweden many people have left their homes, many more are planning to. Nobody is interested in buying my house unless I make a huge reduction in the price.
I know that it is difficult to understand what we are going through - but please try before it is too late for us all !! 

What surprises us most -  we who have already lost our peace and homes - is the ignorance and arrogant attitude we meet with from authorities that should support us and control our environment but how they in fact protect the business instead. 

For years we have been trying to raise the issue and slowly things are changing. It is not as popular to be "for" wind turbines any more. More and more people realise that wind turbines do make a  noise and create visual problems.
Wind turbines are a threat to the environment - not a hope for the future.

The Danish government did finally find out what we have been saying for long time and what an expert on economy and electricity distribution could have told them 20 years ago and thereby saved billions (5.000.000/year one estimate) of Danish crowns for the tax payers and consumers in Denmark. The problem is that no one wanted to hear the truth.  

Politicians have a green attitude as long as it gives them votes and they rather choose to keep their number of votes high than take care of the state finance and a good energy and environmental politics.

The wind industry and more or less serious "sales agents"  are instead of the real experts suddenly advisers for the government and in Sweden as well , walking " like the child of the house" in and out from the department of Industry and Energy. No good decisions can rest on this kind of advice and consultation.  

Wind turbines are too expensive and give such a small and unreliable contribution of electricity that it even threatens the distribution network stability in Denmark. One windfarm was disconnected before Christmas to keep the network stable. 

It is hard to understand how anyone can sell out the landscape and the people who live in it  in this way. It is an absurd world we are living when people plan to put up thousands and thousands of these horrible things - higher than ordinary  20 - 30 floor buildings with rotorblades the size of jumbo jet wings rotating in beautiful silent lansdcapes - in the name of environment. I must wake up from this nightmare. 

People have gone mad !! 

Anyone who wants to check my story are welcome to Laholm, Sweden and other places in Denmark and Sweden.

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Lotta Nilsson
Marbäcksv. 17 Skottorp
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